Welcome to ‘What’s the Motive?’ film review site!

I think it’s fair to say that this blog has been almost ten years in the making.

Its genesis was found when a 15-year-old Friday night TV surfer stumbled across the immortal words of “It’s our job to observe the rules of a sequel” uttered by my favourite movie geek Randy Meeks in a late night showing of Scream 2. I was always a fan of film – I must have seen Jason and the Argonauts more times than is considered healthy – but this was the first time I truly embraced film as such a powerful and intelligent medium. It was the first time I came to realisation that films could be theoretical, self-referential and satirical under the guise of a visual, fictional façade. Randy, for me, is not only the poster boy for my film addiction, he was the vessel through which I could really appreciate the inherent power that motion pictures offer.

From there, with the eagerness of the very best Facebook stalker, my evenings were spent trawling up and down the IMDb top 250 list where I was finally able to tick off those classics I’d been meaning to see for years. And in doing so, I was finally invited to Don Corleone’s house on the day of his daughter’s wedding; I could wander hand in hand down the streets of Haddonfield with Michael Myers; and even have what Meg Ryan was having…

Now, on the greener side of a University degree in English and Film, here I am putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard rather) and completely selfishly and unashamedly sharing with you whether I think a film is astoundingly profound and ground-breaking, utterly abysmal and void of any rhyme or reason, or just only ever quite good.

Here I go at being my own Randy; hope I do you proud, brother.