Jonathan Demme: A Tribute – Why we should still be making noise about The Silence of the Lambs

Today, cinema worshippers, horror aficionados, and cannibals everywhere were united in sadness at the news of the passing of legendary director Jonathan Demme, aged 73. Here, I pay tribute to perhaps his finest work.


REVIEW: Lady Macbeth (2017)

Taking us back to Victorian Northumberland, Oldroyd’s film follows teenage Katherine (Pugh) who, while her oppressive wealthy older husband (Hilton) is away, embarks upon an affair with stable groom Sebastian (Jarvis). A path of lust, love, and murder is soon paved as Katherine is seduced by her growing power.


REVIEW: The Handmaiden (2017)

Given a 1930’s Korean make-over from its loose source material Victorian Britain setting, The Handmaiden follows young orphaned pickpocket Sookee (Tae-ri) who is enlisted by a con-artist posing as a Count (Jung-woo) to help him bring down wealthy Japanese heiress Hideko (Min-hee). As romance begins to blossom however, who’s really conning whom?